Navigating MyMathLab

When you are working in your course, you can access all the course content using the menu on the left side of the page.

The options that open the main parts of your course are:

  • Course Home – takes you back to your course home page
  • Calendar – takes you to a calendar view of all homework and test due dates
  • Homework –  takes you to a homework view of all of your homework sections.
  • Tests –  takes you to the tests view where you view all of your tests and quizzes.
  • Gradebook – takes you to your results page, where you can see your scores on your assignments and check your overall score in the course.
  • Video – takes you to a page where you can view section video for the course
  • Discussion – If applicable, take you to our discussions page.
  • Course Info – take you to our course info (syllabus) page.


You do your online assignments (Homework and Tests) in a special window called the player. It will automatically appear.  The player checks your answers to questions and reports the results to you and to your instructor.

The first time you access the player, the Browser Check runs automatically to make sure that your computer has the correct version of the Flash player and any other plugins you need to work in your course. If you need any of these browser components, you are prompted to install them before you continue to the player.

The player works slightly differently depending on whether you are practicing–for example, doing homework–or taking a  test. The player has three modes:

  • Practice mode – When you are using the player in practice mode, you can check whether you answered the question correctly. You get the player in this mode when you are doing homework.  You can use learning aids, such as videos and animations to help you answer the questions.  Question help is where your learning aids are located.
  • Test mode – When you are using the player in test mode, you cannot check your answers and you usually do not see any learning aids.
  • Review mode  – You use the review mode of the player to look at your answers after you finish an assignment. You can check your answer against the correct answer by holding your mouse over the answer.

See the student online help for complete information on using your course player.

You also can view a tour on how to enter answers.