Syllabus (75353) – Partial Online

Ventura College Course Name: Intermediate Algebra

Ventura College CRN: 75353

Format:  Partial Online

Meeting Times –

       Test 3: 


Last Day to Add Class:  8/26/2016

Last Day to Drop with Refund:  8/26/2016

Last Day to Drop without “W”:  9/2/2016

Last Day to Drop with “W”:  11/18/2016

MyMathLab Instructor Course ID:

Ventura College Course ID: Math V03

Course Description:  This course covers equations and inequalities, systems of equations using matrices, exponents and radicals, complex numbers, functions and graphs, quadratic equations, conic sections, exponential and logarithmic functions.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will identify and organize algebraic information in order to analyze, graph, interpret, or evaluate it using mathematical skills.  Students will identify algebraic problems, examine them from one or more approaches, and come to conclusions that are supported by well-reasoned mathematical arguments.

Course Objectives:  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate the following measurable skills and abilities:

1. Solve linear equations involving absolute values

2. Solve and graph compound inequalities

3. Solve systems of equations in three variables by matrix row reduction

4. Solve word problems involving systems of equations

5. Graph systems of inequalities in two variables

6. Simplification of expressions involving positive, negative and fractional exponents

7. Perform mathematical operations on radical expressions

8. Solve radical equations

9. Perform algebraic operations on complex numbers

10. Solve quadratic equations and equations reducible to quadratic form

11. Graph solutions to quadratic inequalities

12. Solve word problems involving quadratic equations

13. Graph quadratic functions and conic sections

14. Introduction to functions: definitions, domain and range, algebra of functions, composite functions, inverse functions

15. Solve logarithmic equations and exponential equations

16. Solve word problems involving logarithmic and exponential equations

Prerequisite(s): MATH V01 or 1 year of high school beginning algebra (Algebra I) with grade of C or better or placement as measure by the college assessment process.

Materials: Intermediate Algebra 6th edition by Elayn Martin-Gay (optional),  MyMathLab access (required), paper, pencils, ruler, graph paper, scientific or graphing calculator

Communication:  If I need to reach you via email I will do so using your  Ventura College email address (ending in   I may need to communicate with you regarding your grade or inform you of a last minute class meeting cancellation or room change.  It is very important the you check your vcccd email on a regular basis or have it forwarded to an email address that you check regularly.

MyMathLab:  We will be using an on-line educational system called MyMathLab.  To access it, navigate to  The program is entirely on-line and can be accessed from nearly any computer with Internet access.   There is free temporary 14 day access.  You may be dropped from the class if you are not registered into MyMathLab using paid or free temporary access by the end of the first week of class.   To learn how to register into MyMathLab and other important information see sections listed under the “MyMathLab” tab on the far right above.

Attendance:  If a student does not register into MyMathLab by the end of the first week, they may be dropped.  Since this is a partially online class, regular attendance will be taken in a non-traditional way.  An absence will be counted against you if you fail to at least partially work any assignment by its deadline.   If at any point during the semester, a student exceeds 5 “absences”, they may be dropped.

Homework:  Homework is 30% of your grade.  Homework will be completed on MyMathLab.  Each homework assignment takes the average student anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to complete.  Some students will take longer and some less. I advise that you keep a written notebook of homework for review purposes.  It may help to keep it organized in a binder.  You have an unlimited number of attempts on each homework question.   Homework due dates are posted in the MyMathLab calendar.  These are “soft” due dates in that you can still complete the assignment after that date.  The “hard” due date will be the date of each test.

Tests Tests 1,2,3,4 and 5 are 40% of your grade.  Test 3 (the midterm) will be taken on campus with me.  The date and time for Test 3 is stated at the top of this page.  You are required submit all worked out solutions to every problem for all 5 tests in written format.  Your work must be labeled, numbered and organized in a binder with complete worked out solutions.  Answers alone will not receive credit.   If you do not submit your written work as described your test score will be redacted and changed to a zero.   Notecards and calculators are not permitted on Test 3.  I will drop your lowest grade at the end of the semester.

Final:  The Final is 20% of your grade and cannot be dropped.  The date and time for the Final is stated at the top of this page.  Notecards and calculators are not permitted on the final.

Discussion:  Discussion is 10% of your grade.  We will be using a discussion board in MyMathLab to communicate to each other throughout the semester.  You will be graded on your level of involvement.  All discussions will be open for one week from Monday morning until Sunday night at midnight.  On Mondays I will post the discussion assignment for the week, the number of points it will be worth and how it will graded. You are also required to respond to at least one of you fellow students posts each week.  Please try and respond to students who have no responses.  You will lose points if you fail to do this

Classroom Conduct:  Please be cognizant of your peers on campus test days.  Arrive on time. All bags will be placed at the front of the classroom with your cell phones inside and turned off.  Bathroom breaks are not permitted barring emergency, so please use the bathroom beforehand. If you have a question for me during a test, please do not interrupt others.  Quietly come up to me and ask me your question.

Math Help:  I am available for help during my office hours and by appointment.  In addition, every student has 5 hours of live on-line tutoring available through MyMathLab.  It can be found by clicking on the “Connect to a Tutor” button in the MyMathLab player.  In addition, the college offers free math tutoring on campus.  Please click here for more information.


Homework – 30 %

Discussions – 10 %

Tests (Tests 1,2,3,4 and 5) – 40 %

Final – 20%