Syllabus (71439) – T/R

Ventura College Course Name: College Algebra

Ventura College CRN: 71439

Format:  Computer Mediated

Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-2:50pm in Sci-226


Last Day to Add Class:  8/25/2017

Last Day to Drop with Refund:  8/25/2017

Last Day to Drop without “W”:  8/27/2017

Last Day to Drop with “W”:  11/17/2017

Course Description:  This course introduces the number system and basic laws of algebra, determinants and matrices, variation, functional notation and curve plotting, theory of equations, and complex numbers.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will analyze the behavior of polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions using algebra and other mathematical skills, and use the analysis to graph them. Students will identify algebraic problems, examine them from one or more approaches, and come to conclusions that are supported by well-reasoned mathematical support, including creating and solving equations, systems of equations, interpreting graphs, and evaluating sequences and series.

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate the following measurable skills and abilities:

  1. Analyze and investigate properties of functions.
  2. Construct and synthesize results from the graphs and/or equations of functions, and recognize the relationship between functions and their inverses (if they exist) graphically and algebraically.
  3. Apply transformations to the graphs of functions.
  4. Solve rational, linear, polynomial, radical, absolute value, exponential, and logarithmic equations;formulate equations to solve application problems; and solve linear, nonlinear, and absolute value inequalities.
  5. Solve systems of equations and inequalities (including matrix techniques), and construct systems to solve application problems.
  6. Predict the nature and number of zeros of polynomial functions, and apply techniques for finding zeros of polynomial functions as well as the roots of more general equations.
  7. Apply functions and other algebraic techniques to model real world STEM applications.
  8. Analyze conics algebraically, and construct graphs of conic sections.
  9. Use formulas to find sums of finite and infinite series.
  10. Perform operations with complex numbers.
  11. Simplify rational and transcendental expressions.

Prerequisite(s): MATH V03 or MATH V03A-V03E or 1 year of high school intermediate algebra (Algebra II) with grade of C or better

Materials: College Algebra by Paul Sisson (optional),  Hawkes Learning Courseware Access (required – $83), paper, pencils, ruler, graph paper, scientific calculator

Hawkes Learning Courseware:  We will be using an on-line educational system called Hawkes Learning.  To access it, navigate  The program is entirely on-line and can be accessed from nearly any computer with Internet access.   There is free 20 day temporary access .  You may be dropped from the class if you are not registered into it by the end of the first day of class.  Everyone should sign up with free temporary access to get going as soon as possible and then pay later.   To get registered into Hawkes, follow the instructions here:

Attendance:   I will be taking attendance once at the beginning and end of class.  It is important that you are not late to class.  It is vital that you see me during or after class so I can mark you in attendance but late.  If a student misses the first day of class, they may be dropped as per college policy.  If at any point during the semester, a students absences exceeds 1/9 of the total class contact hours (4 class days), they may be dropped.  Upon missing any day of class for any reason, it is the students responsibility to find out what material and or announcements they missed by asking fellow students.  Every student should have a contact list of fellow students specifically for this reason.

Assignments:  Assignments will be completed on Hawkes Learning.  I advise that you keep a written notebook of coursework as we work through the material for review purposes.  It may help to keep it organized in a binder.  You have an unlimited number of attempts on each question.   Due dates are posted in Hawkes Learning.

Tests: There will be a total of 4 tests and a final.  You are required to show your worked out solution to every problem.  Your work must be labeled and every problem numbered and all work must be shown for credit.  You run the risk of losing a significant amount of points if you do not label and show your work. Note-cards are not allowed.  A scientific or graphing calculator is allowed.  All bags will be placed at the front of the classroom with your cell phones inside and turned off.  Bathroom breaks are not permitted barring emergency, so please use the bathroom beforehand.

In-Class Grade:  You will be graded on something you do in class every day of the semester. Some days you will be graded on independent sir group work or quiz.  Pop quizzes on material from the previous lecture are also fair game.  So be ready.  Some days just your attendance will be used to determine your grade for that day and some days you will be graded on whether you are prepared for class with the appropriate materials like a pencil, paper and calculator.  Or you may be asked to work a problem and submit it to me for your In-Class Grade for the following class day.  For this reason it is extremely important you attend class and be prepared every day.  If you miss class, find out what you missed by contacting your fellow students as soon as possible.  Your class grade may be zeroed on any day you fail to follow these classroom rules of conduct below.

Classroom Conduct:  Please be cognizant of your peers on campus test days.  Arrive on time.  If you have a question for me during a test, please do not interrupt others.  Quietly come up to me and ask me your question.  Also, please turn your cell phones off when entering the classroom.

Math Help:  I am available for help during my office hours and by appointment.   In addition, the college offers free math tutoring on campus.  Please click here for more information.


Assignments – 40 %

In-Class Grade – 10%

Tests – 30 %

Final – 20%